Meet Jeannette

Certified Life Coach

I was born, raised, and currently live in Chicago. I have traveled to places like New York, Switzerland, Paris, Amsterdam, and more because I love to travel! I am a proud mother of two powerful girls. After working over 20 years in the Corporate Risk Management Department of Harris Bank, now known as Bank of Montreal, I was laid off. I decided to give all my time to my family. During that time, I went back to school and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.


Thinking about all those years I gave to Corporate America, I decided to become my own CEO and formed Gold Enterprises LLC. My love for Entrepreneurs inspired Gold Enterprises LLC which houses my many skills as a Real Estate Broker, Property Manager, Bookkeeper, and Business Consultant. I realized that my passion is to empower and to support others.


I am a two-time breast cancer survivor. While fighting through my cancer journey, I became a Certified Life Coach to propel my purpose. L.I.V.E Consulting LLC. Life Inside of Victory Every day was birth out of my desire to help women.


L.I.V.E Consulting LLC. encourages women to be free of guilt, embarrassment, hurt, and to live in their healing. I know because I was filled with embarrassment, hurt, guilt, and more. Because of God’s healing power, he delivered me through my healing. Not realizing that the play I had written, the role as the Leader of the Cancer Support Ministry at NLC, and my speaking with women was God preparing me to be an awesome Certified Life Coach focusing on Health and Wellness. The experience and knowledge I achieved through my personal journey have taught me the process of healing emotionally, mentally, and physically.